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Keith & Lynn Turcotte

National LeadershipTeam
Regional Coordinator

In 1977 God rescued me from a life that was totally out of control. It was a life filled with drugs, alcohol, motorcycles, and fast cars. God spared my life through a number of car and motorcycle crashes. Late one night after one of the worst crashes of my life landed me in a jail cell, I came to a realization that I needed help. I prayed that night, and ask God to show me a way out of the lifestyle that I had become trapped in. After a series of devine appointments, I ended up at a David Wilkerson Crusade. When the altar call was given, I traded my ruined and wasted life for a new one filled with love and peace.


I have been in the ministry for over 30 years. For the past 13 years as a Motorcycle Missionary/Chaplain. For the last several years I have been on National Leadership team for Honorbound Motorcycle Ministry.  God has put a burning desire in my and my wife's  hearts to go into the highways & hedges to reach lost America. He has called us to “An Opportunity On Wheels.” Please help us through your prayers and financial support, to take advantage of one of the greatest opportunities in our culture today ……
Motorcycling opens the door, Jesus makes the difference.

God Bless!

Papa T.
Chaplain Keith Turcotte                                              
Honorbound Motorcycle Ministry        


Ministry opportunities are available at times,  follow our web-site and Facebook pages for information. God has been opening up many new opportunities for growth in numbers, new outreach ministries, and souls being saved like never before.


HonorBound Motorcycle Ministries


It is our pleasure to serve and help facilitate the Ministry of HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry in the Potomac Network. This ministry is made up of various chapters located throughout our region. Rev. Keith Turcotte is serves as the Nationally appointed US Missionary providing oversight, ministry opportunities and support of this ministry throughout the Eastern region. HonorBound exists to serve the local church, provide an avenue of ministry to motorcyclists and seeks to engage the biker community thru strategic outreaches. Membership is maintained thru our Regional chaplains to ensure continuity and reputable participation. For information on being involved please check the National HBMM website, contact Chaplain Turcotte. You can also contact Jonathon Wyns, our HBMM  Northeast Assistant Chaplain at


National Men's Ministry HonorBound Newsletter

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